Companies want to change the future

To face the new reality of the market, companies must be hungry for change. It shows that the research done by IBM's consulting with the 1,130 CEOs from 40 countries and 32 sectors of the economy. Worldwide, 83% of CEOs have the same opinion. In Brazil, is 68%. However, what emperra the process of change within corporations is the lack of skills necessary to support that impact. "The difficulty for change occurs because of lack of vision with the workforce of local and global challenges," said Adam Klaber, manager-general of the division of consultancy and SOA from IBM, during the Forum promoted by the company this Tuesday (9 / 9).

Another feature of companies deployed in the future talk of Klaber is that they should be more innovative than the imagination of the customer, or be in front of them. That's because today's consumers have mechanisms to discuss products and services, charging companies and influence other consumers. "It's a new class of customers, also influenced by the increase in the purchasing power of people in emerging countries," he says.

Klaber note that in Brazil, investment in customer service is still lower than in other locations. In the world, investment in the last three years was 17% and should move to 20% for the next three years, while in Latin America, will rise from 13.7% to 16.2%, in Brazil, will be 11.2 % To 13.8%. The executive of IBM suggests this as worrying, because companies from other regions are investing more and therefore be a stronger.

The third feature is the observed global integration. In the case of Brazil, Klaber says that local companies are more concerned with optimizing their own services for the local market - as if it were an assault to compete with foreign companies. Already the fourth characteristic is noted that for the future, companies must be desbravadoras and seek new markets and new audiences.

Finally, Klaber emphasizes the sustainability and in this context, the need to be genuine and not generous. According to him, this is an element of business that can bring positive impacts to the company if it is truly embraced. The highlight is the Brazil, where 70% of CEOs interviewed said that this issue is relevant to the future of business. Overall, this percentage was 69%.


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